Mobile Sales Presentations With Engagement Metrics

How it Works
(in a nutshell)

Your marketing team creates new content showcasing your products.

Ether DCP makes it simple for you to create, upload, and optimize videos, presentations, and other marketing materials to serve as sales tools. Our easy, automated converter transforms powerpoints into sleek mobile sales presentations with just a few clicks. Videos, demos, and presentations of all types are easily housed and managed within Ether DCP. Control your content once and for all.

Sales approves the content and immediately distributes it into the field via Ether DCP with absolute ease.

  • Add and remove users and devices
  • Content distribution based on groups, region or language
  • Instantly notify groups of new content

Ether DCP automatically feeds back unbiased data on how the content is being used and how it performs.

As reps use marketing content in the sales engagement, Ether DCP gathers and compiles objective data on content use in real-time. Integrated into your CRM, Ether can reveal what content is being used, how it is being used, and how helpful it is in generating sales.

  • Behind the scenes integration with and other CRMs
  • Data is gathered automatically, not inputted manually by reps
  • You get hard, unbiased data on how your content is performing

Your marketing team uses the data to assess and adjust the content strategy and create new content for your sales team to use.

  • Close the sales loop with real data you can trust
  • Coordinate with sales team to optimize content strategies
  • Use Ether DCP data to do more with your marketing budget
  • Get more sales in less time and less cost with streamlined, targeted content

Marketing creates great content and needs to distribute it to reps' mobile devices.

In the old days, content distribution wasn’t part of IT’s job. In the age of mobile sales teams, it’s 100% up to IT to make sure the process is as simple and streamlined as possible. Ether makes content distribution easier than ever before. With just a few clicks, content can be instantly distributed to all authorized users or user groups.

IT uses Ether DCP to manage reps devices, app settings, and content.

Ether DCP is the key to a Bring-Your-Own-Device workplace. Setting it up is such a simple process, reps can do it on their own tablets. As a mobile app management platform, Ether provides IT with control, access and rights to the app without having to be concerned about device management in a BYOD workspace. Apps can be managed by IT from a personalized EtherDCP Enterprise App Store.

All of Ether's content and customer data is stored securely.

  • Content can be distributed to specific security-restricted user groups
  • Ether DCP fully protects all customer data gathered in the app
  • Missing device? IT can wipe sensitive data away remotely

Ether integrates fully with your CRM & closes the sales feedback loop.

A sales tool isn’t very useful if it doesn’t integrate well with your CRM platform. Ether is fully integrated with Ether also integrates with major marketing automation platforms and syncs with major digital asset management systems (DAMs) Need Ether to play well with another sales system in place through our open API? Our app development experts can assist in making it work for you. Looking for details? Check out our IT FAQ.

Your marketing team creates the perfect marketing content for your sales team.

Ether DCP easily converts any type of content -- video, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML5 -- into easily accessible mobile sales content within a single app. Once the content is uploaded, it can be distributed to users and user groups based on security levels, sales regions, product teams, or any other category of sales rep. All the time and money spent distributing marketing content to reps in the field? Ether reduces that to zero.

Ether feeds you unbiased data on how the content is used in the field.

No more do marketing teams have to fly blind. Ether DCP injects some much needed visibility into the sales engagement.

  • See what pieces of content are being used and for how long
  • Extend and Enhance the value of your marketing automation platform
  • Find out which users and user groups are using which content pieces
  • Identify the content that leads to the most and best sales

Your now enlightened marketers use Ether’s data to become even more brilliant.

With real, hard data, marketers are empowered more than ever before. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth reports or unreliable rep surveys, marketers can learn what works for which products and which regions. Using this data, marketers can create powerful funnels of marketing content and help sales teams refine their approaches.

Sales teams use Ether DCP to plan and strategize the sales engagement.

With Ether DCP, every single piece of marketing content is easily accessible on every authorized rep’s mobile device. Sales teams or individual reps can use Ether DCP’s playlisting functionality to create pre-call plans and to design sales content funnels.

Reps can conduct the entire sales engagement from right within the Ether DCP app.

  • Access all sales content, videos, and customer forms with or without an internet connection
  • Ether DCP provides a clean, attractive platform for displaying mobile sales content
  • Gather customer information and even signatures from right within the app at the point of engagement
  • Info gathered is automatically synced with your CRM and orders are automatically forwarded to where they need to be

Reps can move on to the next engagement and keep selling, instead of filling out tedious forms or entering data into a CRM.

It used to be that closing a sale meant spending some quality time with forms or in a CRM. Not anymore. With Ether DCP, sales reps are free to move from engagement to engagement, because all customer orders and data gathered is automatically synced to the corporate account and tracked within the CRM. Ether DCP sessions are recorded into the CRM in real-time. Now reps are not having to remember what was shown or to whom was presented. Ether DCP enables Passive CRM automation.

Sales leaders can use real engagement data to optimize their sales processes and train their reps.

Ether DCP will immediately become the most powerful source of unbiased data for sales leaders. Rep reports and surveys are great, but it can be hard to know when reps have taken time to answer questions carefully and when their answers might be affected by unavoidable bias. Ether DCP provides administrators with real-time data on sales engagements. How long are the engagements? What content is being used? What techniques and content sequences are the most likely to affect a close/won? This unbiased data is revolutionizing the sales training and optimization process.

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